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About us

The Saveene Membership Club


Saveene is a try before you buy Club Membership Program- designed to provide a convenient way for frequent drivers or yacht cruising lovers to access our entire fleet at discounted rates with a minimum of hassles. Saveene members can purchase rental time at significant discounts for use with any yacht or any vehicle at any time. 

There is no better way to experience the benefits of owning a multimillion-dollar collection of exotic cars or luxury yachts.  Gone are the absurd capital requirements of ownership and the hassles of maintenance, downtime, insurance, storage and transport.

As a Saveene member, you focus simply on enjoying the experience and leave everything else to us. For those who simply wish to try our cars or cruise in one of our yachts before they become members this is not a problem we offer this option too. 

Here's how it works:


 Choose Your Membership Type

First, choose your membership type. Saveene  is available in two packages packages designed to suit both yacht and car enthusiasts.  1) Membership for the usage of cars only and 2) membership for usage of both cars and yachts.

 Get Signed Up

The sign-up process takes only a few minutes. Once you've completed the paperwork and funded your account, you're ready to get rolling...

 Start Enjoying

You'll have access to our entire fleet of vehicles and yachts right away. The check-in/Check out process is super streamlined. Our staff gets to know our Saveene members very well -- we'll learn your style, tastes, preferences, and how to make everything to your liking.


The cost to be a member is only $399 /year !