1 561 570 4301 or 1 866 609 6695 saveene@saveene.com

No smoking of anything including vaping and or eating in the car. Full detailing and ozone detail cleaning will apply. If the car requires premium gas please save all receipts. (No exception) if you do not put premium gas we will need to add 1 bottle of octane booster and flush the system per every 300 miles traveled a $15 surcharge. We include a FREE car wash card near our office so please return the car clean and washed. We ask that you treat our property as if it is your own. Security deposit may be required. Refundable at the end of the trip.Today's cars are equipped with technologies that may hold you liable of any negligent or will-full abuse.


Ez pick up and drop off! 24 hrs. Call 561 570 4301 or text our office 561 699 6363. We are 5 miles away from West Palm Beach airport.l, or $12 Uber / Lyft ride. See www.saveene.com 224 Datura St #1015. West Palm Beach. We can pick you up at airport however you must return the car to our office. Return hours are available 24 hours 7 days a week via secure key drop off.